Rekeelb Nala Yeldarb, as he's known on backwards day, was born to poor migrant terraformers on a backwater planet somewhere near Orion's left big toe. Growing to full maturity at the age of five, Bradley enlisted in the Space National Guard, only to discover that it was actually an all-night transvestite disco. Pursued across time-space by German-Shepherd-headed Nazi paperboys, he no longer lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a God-forsaken hell-hole that's actually quite pleasant. He's moved recently to the Emerald City...and taken up with a rogue group of fishing midgets, who just can't get enough salmon for thier own good.

Mr. Bleeker's numerous illustrious career moves have included the large-scale production of hand-crafted pizzas, bottling water, making doors without losing thumbs, tattoo artistry, producing many fine artworks for Savant Garde Entertainment, being homeless in Seattle for 4 months, making picture frames without losing thumbs, delivering air conditioners, heaters, and telecommunications equipment on 2 hours of sleep, eating just about anything with mustard on it, breaking bones in a variety of drunken stupors, and most other things short of prostitution; technically.

Bradley currently resides in the murky depths of cyberspace, where he produces artwork using only his mind (and a variety of art supplies, and his hands).